“Maya 3D”, “Heidi 3D” & “Once upon a time” are some of the series that are already available at Movistar+ platform.

 “Once upon a time” has been remastered in HD on the occasion of its 30th anniversary. Movistar+ is the first platform offering this version.


Thanks to the agreement between Planeta Junior, European leader in children’s and youth entertainment, and Movistar +, five Planeta Junior’s animated series are already available in the subscription service of Movistar+: “Heidi 3D”, “Maya 3D”, “Once upon a time”, “Socks” and “Egyxos”. “Miffy’s Adventures Big & Small” will arrive on the 1th of June.

Following the wake of nostalgia and entertainment of “Heidi 3D” and “Maya 3D” for parents and children, which have been re-adapted to CGI to bring their classic stories to the new children generations, “Once upon a time” has been remastered in HD in the year of its 30th anniversary. Movistar+ will be the first platform to program this remastered version of “Once upon a lifetime”, in which each frame of the series has been re-colored and adapted to the HD format.

In addition to “Once upon a time”, “Heidi 3D” and “Maya 3D”, the platform counts too with the series “Egyxos”, about a boy who will be involved in an epic battle between dangerous pharaohs with super powers, and “Socks”, a preschool series about the lives of a family of socks.

From June 1, “Miffy’s Adventures Big & Small” will also be available. This is a series for the littles ones on the colorful adventures of the adorable Miffy, bunny and his friends.

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