At Gohryong Restaurant in Suga Island, lives a cute Asian looking girl named PUCCA. PUCCA is in love.
Her prince charming is GARU, the most trustworthy and reticent warrior.
PUCCA’s affection towards him is quite enthusiastic in a way. She can sense GARU from far away and runs to him like the speed of light!
GARU tries to dodge and hide with his outstanding abilities but it is not easy to get rid of her, who is much faster and stronger than anyone else in the world.

Now, there’s new rival restaurant against the famous Gohryong Restaurant in Suga Island.
Don King Restaurant has closed all of the restaurants around the world with its free fast food, and has opened a new branch on the island.
Their one and only purpose is to take Gohryong Restaurant down.
(On the other hand, GohryongRestaurantactually has no interest in Don King Restaurant.)

pucca 3d
Key facts
  • Format: S1 78 x 7’ (2D), S2 39 x 7’ (2D), S3 78 x 7’ (Full 3D CGI)
  • Cible: Kids, Tweens
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
  • The main topic of the series is LOVE.


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