Super 4 is set on a planet divided into five very different island nations.

Technopolis is a sci-fi setting, the Enchanted Island is a magical forest, Kingsland is home to a castle full of brave knights, Gunpowder Island is a hideout for pirates and the Lost World is a volcano hiding dinosaurs.

Each nation is 200% true to its genre, from the look to the name of the inhabitants. Each island exists completely independently from the others and lives by its own rules. Although aware of the existence of other islands, you can’t say the islanders are open-minded. They think of their neighbours as savages or idiots and don’t feel they have anything to gain from sharing with the other worlds (except the pirates who are interested in their treasure).

Key facts
  • Format: 52 x 12’ CGI
  • Target: Kids
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Inspired by Playmobil, one of the world’s most popular toys.


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