Random and Whacky is a top-secret agency that solves the problems faced by real life kids. The agency provides an endless stream of surprising and hilarious solutions to problems as minor as ‘how can I clean my room, without actually cleaning it?’ to major issues like ‘how do I fit in at a new school?’. At Random and Whacky no problem is too small and no idea too whacky.

The team of super agents; Cameron, the over achiever; Sunshine, too alternative to be alternative; Wil, laid back skater boy; and Kayla and Shayla, the high-tech fashion twins, brainstorm solutions which are played out in hilarious comedy.

In their high-tech bunker, with digital screens receiving feeds from around the world, Random and Whacky provide advice you would never hear from a parent, teacher or responsible adult. Their solutions may not work, but they are always hilarious.

The series is fast-paced, unpredictable and imaginative. It is focused on brainstorming, thinking things through from different perspectives and working with others. The unconventional solutions to conventional problems encourage children to unleash their inner creativity.

random and whacky
Key facts
  • Format: 15 x 24'
  • Target: Tweens
  • Genre: Comedy


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