What if... you could fly?

When mischievous elf Athanor turns Nils into a miniature human, this reckless, headstrong farm boy’s life changes forever. He can talk to animals and makes a new friend - Martin the gander. Then he climbs onto his back and flies off on the most incredible journey, for the most extraordinary adventures

Nils fulfils his dream of flying high… and fast. He also makes a whole bunch of new friends: a flock of wild geese. There’s old Akka, the experienced yet eccentric leader of the flock, Gorgo the Eagle who thinks he’s a goose, charming Soft Feather and her two rival sisters… Our maverick boy learns to respect the community and finds a family.

But why did Athanor transform Nils? He wanted to give Lina, a young and inexperienced elf, an ally to help her thwart the Dark Elf’s plans for conquest. For with the great power of flying comes great responsibility to nature.

Key facts
  • Format: 52 x 13’ CGI HD
  • Target: Kids
  • Genre: Adventure


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