Heidi is an orphan girl who lives in the Alps with her grandfather. He is happy playing with his dog, the kids and his friend Pedro, but one day he has to leave his beloved mountains.

Heidi moves to Frankfurt to be Clara's playmate, a girl who cannot walk. She will have to be very careful with Miss Rottenmeier, Clara's governess, who will make her life difficult with her strict rules.

Life in the city displeases Heidi so much that she begins to feel a deep nostalgia for her grandfather, the mountains and her friends, so the doctors decide to send her back to her beloved mountains. After a while, Clara feels the same way because of her hasty separation from Heidi, and she also begins her journey to the mountains.

After a while and thanks to the care of her best friend, Heidi, Clara will even be able to stand up and walk again.


Key facts
  • Format: 2D animation
  • Target: Kids
  • Genre: Adventure


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