There is a legend that is told to kids all over the fantasy world of Gorm... A long time ago, the island-world of Gorm was threatened by an enemy bent on eradicating all life: the Darkans.

The Eternal Knights of Nature, the Gormiti, united to fight the menace. It culminated in an epic battle. The destructive powers unleashed were so great that the whole world was shaken to its core… But the Gormiti won.

Nowadays, this battle is considered by most a legend. The only proof that something happened is the One Tower, the ancient fortress of the Gormiti… A Tower no one seems able to find anymore. The One Tower is waiting for the right heroes to find it.

Key facts
  • Format: 52 x 11' 3D CGI
  • Target: Kids
  • Genre: Adventure, Action, Comedy
  • Created and written by Romain Van Liemt (Super 4, Zak Storm,...)


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