11-year-old BLINKY BILL is stepping up as the ‘Guardian of Greenpatch!' Armed with cheeky overconfidence and a knack for mischief, Blinky is accompanied by his thrill seeking, highly strung but loyal lizard sidekick, JACKO. Together they take on all challenges and threats to protect the home front and help the citizens of their outback town. Exaggerated in his wild imagination, Blinky can take even the simplest of challenges and turn it into an epic adventure. Whether a mysterious footprint has him on an animal-seeking safari, or a swooping magpie becomes a medieval dragon from whom only ‘Sir Blinky the Brave’ can protect the good people of Greenpatch, it doesn't take much for something to spark Blinky’s runaway brain into a full blown fantasy. Together with his friends, Blinky is always in for a wild ride and an outback adventure as the Guardian of Greenpatch!

Key facts
  • Format: 52 x 11' CG animated television series
  • Target: Preschool
  • Genre: Adventure


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