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Planeta Junior signs Brand Management license for "Mexican Skulls" with Maya Studio

June 2015

Planeta Junior will be responsible for translating the success of this renowned lifestyle brand across its territories: France, Italy, Portugal, Central and Eastern Europe, Greece and Turkey

Planeta Junior, a company belonging to the Grupo Planeta and De Agostini, and a European leader in creating and marketing children’s and young people’s entertainment content and IP, has signed an agreement with Maya Studio and their agent manager Consumer Product Connection to promote and represent the “MEXICAN SKULLS”, “FABLES” and “BAD DAY” brands in France, Italy, Portugal, Central and Eastern Europe, Greece and Turkey. Through this alliance, Planeta Junior will be responsible for managing licenses, promotions, publishing and digital products for these lifestyle brands (which are very successful in Spain and Mexico) in the above-mentioned territories.

“MEXICAN SKULLS” was created by Maya Studio following its encounter with the Day of the Dead in Mexico, where celebrations include “skulls”: markedly ironic, irreverent verses that portray people as if they were dead. With their original, iconic illustration “MEXICAN SKULLS” retains the burlesque attitude to death and portrays that desire to have a terrific time of things... even in the afterlife.

Launched in Mexico in 2008, “MEXICAN SKULLS” is now present at the major sales points in Spain, has received its first textile collection thanks to partnerships with brands like Zara, and achieved co-branding agreements with iconic properties of the likes of The Simpsons, Star Trek, Superman or Batman.

As license manager for the property in its territories, Planeta Junior recently presented the brand at markets including Kazachoc Licensing Forum and the Bologna Licensing Fair, where the mix of irony and formal appeal, as well as its versatility, aroused the interest of a large number of licensors.

“FABLES” retains the ironic spirit of Maya Studio properties, but this time is based on the fairy tales that large numbers of its audience grew up with. Targeting girls and women aged 0 - 40, “Fables” is a cheeky take on archetypal fairy tale princesses.

“BAD DAY” is the property with the most adult profile as it’s targeted at rebellious rule-breakers of any age. The brand plays on black humour, touching on characters from classic tales, animation series and video games in the minds of the young and adult general public.

Javi Molner, the founder of Maya Studio, highlighted: “In recent years we have grown exponentially and we need to manage everything we have achieved. We also want to conquer new territories with Planeta Junior, a leading agent in this market. We rely on their experience and know how to establish the brands and to look to the future with optimism.”

According to Diego Ibáñez, International Commercial Director at Planeta Junior, “Javi Molner has created an impressive imaginary world out of nothing, bringing with it enormous IP potential. “Mexican Skulls” has already demonstrated how well it works on textile products; henceforward, Planeta Junior will work shoulder to shoulder with Maya Studio to develop a derivatives strategy in hardlines and publishing, as well as other categories, and to translate the property’s success into other European countries like Italy and France”.

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