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Planeta Junior attends Milano Licensing Day with several properties for young audiences
Planeta Junior, a leading European children’s and youth entertainment company, will be active at the MILANO LICENSING DAY on Thursday 14th September at the NHOW Hotel in Milan. The company is attending with several properties that connect with the youngest members of the family including: Heidi, Maya and Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.
Planeta Junior will introduce the new Giocchi Preziosi deal for Maya the Bee at Milano Licensing Day. With Studio 100 and Planeta Junior’s support, Giochi Preziosi will handle the manufacturing, distribution, promotion and marketing for these lines. The extensive range of licensed products are scheduled to launch in Fall 2018 and includes main categories, figurines, playsets, role play and feature plush. The licensing deal covers key territories such as Italy, France, Spain, the UK, Portugal, Greece and many others. The new toy range reflects Maya’s fun and colourful values and complements the brand’s cheerful content. Heidi will be present with a new fashion project for adults and Planeta Junior will celebrate Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir success in all of its territories, and anticipates major deals around everyone’s favourite heroine. Planeta Junior, Zag and Ferrero have recently signed a worldwide strategic partnership for this key property. This partnership covers numerous countries in Europe and Latin American and includes Ferrero and Kinder products for children.
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