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The adventures of Vicky the Viking in 3D arrive on small screens with Clan

July 2015

The leading children’s channel will broadcast this new version of the children’s classic starting on Friday, 10th July 2015. This 3D animated series brings audiences the latest adventures of the world’s cleverest Viking.

On Friday, 10th July 2015, more than forty years after the first series starring Vicky the Viking was released, the new 3D version of Runer Jonsson’s classic will be broadcast on Clan. The original spirit and characters return for new adventures starring the little Viking hero.

As of this Friday, and then every Monday - Friday at 6.00 pm, Clan will broadcast the 78 x 11 minute episodes of this animated series, bringing audiences plenty of adventure, comedy and entertainment as well as values like team work, ingenuity and family spirit.

Based on the children’s book Vicke Viking by Swedish author Runer Jonsson, Vicky the Viking tells the adventures of Vicky. Our hero is a brave and intelligent 10-year old Viking who solves the trouble his father’s group of Vikings get into peacefully and cleverly, without resorting to brute force and thanks to plenty of imagination. In extremely difficult circumstances, Vicky rubs his nose and has a good idea... that works! Thanks to his ingenious, creative mind, this little hero helps his father Halvar and a troop of crazy Vikings in their battles against Svan the Terrible and his fearsome pirates. Together they sail the world in a Viking boat, travelling the seven seas, discovering new lands and learning that they’re always better off together.

Vicky the Viking is produced by Studio 100 and Flying Bark Productions in association with ZDF and TF1. Planeta Junior manages TV rights and licenses for the series in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece.

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