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Success for "Mutant Busters" at Cartoon 360

June 2015

The comedy animation series produced by Planeta Junior, Famosa and Kotoc ranked in C21 Media’s Ten Most Promising Projects at Cartoon 360

“Mutant Busters”, the comedy animated series produced by Planeta Junior, leading European content producer for children and young people, toy manufacturer Famosa and animation studio Kotoc, was successfully presented at CARTOON 360, the international transmedia animation pitching forum held from 1 - 3 June in Barcelona.

“Mutant Busters” was thought up by Famosa’s creative team. Their alliance with Planeta Junior and Kotoc has resulted in a great animated series - the first set in a post-apocalyptic world created by horrendous contamination. Toxic gas caused a series of explosions that divided Earth into two regions: one inhabited by humans in “The Resistance” and another occupied by mutants - humans who were turned into monsters by the stinking gas covering the planet.

“Mutant Busters” will reach Spanish homes via the Neox kidz channel. Comprising 52 episodes, the series includes digital elements such as apps and augmented reality and features an innovative format: the final 3 minutes of every episode can be broadcast separately on TV and also online, allowing audiences to enjoy an interactive experience.

Last Wednesday 3 June, “Mutant Busters” was presented at Cartoon 360, an international pitching event in which a panel of 25 transmedia and digital experts assessed multi-platform animated projects, advising participants on the various project creation phases. Prestigious English title C21 Media selected “Mutant Busters” as one of its Ten Most Promising Projects at Cartoon 360.

Planeta Junior, which is responsible for the global distribution and marketing for the series and its licenses, premièred “Mutant Busters” in Miami on 23-26 February at the Kidscreen children’s entertainment market, where it received a warm welcome.

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