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Planeta Junior attends MIPJunior and MipCom with three co-productions for children and young audiences

Mutant Busters, Oliver Rock and Bubble Bip are the new series Planeta Junior will present these markets

PLANETA JUNIOR, leading European childrens and youth entertainment company, will play an active part at the audiovisual content markets MIP JUNIOR and MIPCOM taking place in Cannes from Sunday 3 until Thursday 8 October. The company is presenting for the first time in MIPCOM and MIP JUNIOR 2015 the first episodes of the animation comedy MUTANT BUSTERS, coproduced along with the animation studio Kotoc and games manufacturer Famosa with Neox Kidz collaboration. The 52 x 11 episodes production comes in an innovative format: the last 3 minutes of each episode can be broadcast independently both on TV and other digital platforms as a webisode.

Planeta Junior will also present new episodes of BUBBLE BIP, the animation comedy produced along with Triacom Audiovisual, TVE, TVC and Toonz Entertainment that targets 4 - 7 year olds and stars a wacky action videogame superhero who escapes from the virtual world.

Finally, the company will release first images of OLIVER ROCK, a live action series for 7-12 year olds coproduced with Isla Audiovisual and Sony Music Entertainment which combines music and action with plenty of comedy.


MUTANT BUSTERS was thought up by Famosas creative team. Their alliance with Planeta Junior and Kotoc has resulted in a great animated series - the first set in a post-apocalyptic world created by horrendous contamination. Toxic gas caused a series of explosions that divided Earth into two regions: one inhabited by humans in The Resistance and another occupied by mutants - humans who were turned into monsters by the stinking gas covering the planet.

Comprising 52 episodes, MUTANT BUSTERS will air in Neox Kidz in October. The series includes digital elements such as apps and augmented reality and features an innovative format: the final 3 minutes of every episode can be broadcast separately on TV and also online, allowing audiences to enjoy an interactive experience.

BUBBLE BIP is an action game hero whos tired of chasing and warring and discovers a door into the real world which takes him to a fascinating, new, location: a childrens playground. Here he meets Nil, Lena, Mia and Marc and together they go on crazy adventures that teach them to look at the world in a new light.

BUBBLE BIP targets 4 - 7 year olds and comprises 52 episodes of 7 minutes, each telling a complete story. Bip and his friends show little people that its not bad to think differently and you shouldnt be afraid of getting things wrong. BUBBLE BIP is a series with a markedly transmedia nature as the action occurs between Bips video game world and the real world inhabited by his friends.

OLIVER ROCK is the first live-action series produced by Planeta Junior and is based on the peculiar universe of Olivers dreams - and this boys dreams sound like a rock band trapped inside a labyrinth. The series is designed for 7-12 year olds - few attractive projects are tailored to this segment.

Based on an original idea by Isla Audiovisual, Oliver Rock has strong visual appeal that blends a variety of styles with action, comedy and a lot of music-based attitude. The stars of the series are one of the best rock groups on the planet: The Olivers. Bravo is the superhero singer; Brinco plays acoustic guitar, Black Flash is crazy about street sport and Beta is an android. Together they have loads of adventures reflecting the interests and concerns of any tween. The Billy Boom Band stars in every episode. This real rock group is formed by the members of La Sonrisa de Julia, whose first album Pasarlo Bien (Good Times) is already on sale, and who will compose songs especially for the series.

Comprising 26 episodes of 22 minutes, the series has an innovative format that will include music videos, street sport, puppets and surprising digital effects to complement the adventures of the four heros.

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