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BUBBLE BIP, a new coproduction by Planeta Junior, Triacom, TVE, TVC and TOONZ Entertainment

June 2015

This animated series stars a wackycrazy, curious action videogame superhero who escapes from the virtual world

Planeta Junior, a leading European childrens and youth entertainment company, Triacom Audiovisual, Televisin Espaola, Televisi de Catalunya and Toonz Entertainment have joined forces to produce BUBBLE BIP, an animated comedy following the adventures of Bip, a wacky, curious, video game super hero, and his new friends in the real world.

Bip is an action game hero whos tired of chasing and warring and discovers a door into the real world which takes him to a fascinating, new, location: a childrens playground. Here he meets Nil, Lena, Mia and Marc and together they go on crazy adventures that teach them to look at the world in a new light.

BUBBLE BIP targets 4 - 7 year olds and comprises 52 episodes of 7 minutes, each telling a complete story. Bip and his friends show little people that its not bad to think differently and you shouldnt be afraid of getting things wrong. BUBBLE BIP is a series with a markedly transmedia nature as the action occurs between Bips video game world and the real world inhabited by his friends.

Planeta Junior is responsible for distributing and marketing the series and its licenses worldwide presented BUBBLE BIP at the Focus on Spain at the March International du Films dAnimation (MIFA), which was held on Wednesday in parallel to the worlds most important animation festival: the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

Ignacio Segura, General Director of Planeta Junior, highlighted: We are proud to join partners representing the best of Western and Asian animation in a comedy we are sure will delight children all over the world. Bubble Bip is a series that represents what Planeta Junior has been pursing for some time: bringing together the best local talent to reach international audiences.

Oriol Carb, Executive Producer at Triacom Audiovisual, comments: Bubble Bip is an exciting project involving the creation of quality content. It gives us a new opportunity to develop universal characters and adventures to entertain young audiences. Sharing this challenge with such prestigious companies as Planeta Junior, Toonz, Televisi de Catalunya and Radio Televisin Espaola, with whom we are closing the last details, is something that will no doubt enrich our audiences across the world.

In the words of Dani Lpez, Channel Manager at Televisi de Catalunya's children's channel - Super 3, Bubble Bip is a bold comedy featuring well defined characters and content and technically superb animation. It's a great product for 4-12 year olds conveying universal values such as friendship, personal development and fun. Co-producing this series with such prestigious partners as Triacom Audiovisual, Planeta Junior, Radio Televisin Espaola and Toonz Entertainment is a guarantee of its quality and will take this project to children across the globe.

Per P.Jayakumar, CEO de Toonz Entertainment, Toonz motto forever has been to Entertain the World. At Toonz we believe in creating wonderful stories with a soul for kids all over the world; and Bubble Bip is very close to our heart. Planeta Junior, Triacom, TVE and TVC are very much in alignment with our vision and I hope this partnership brings out wonderful visual treats for kids across the globe for a very long time to come.

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